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  The influence of the moon is all but impossible to control, since it comes in the subconscious. The best method to ascertain the lunar zodiac sign is in circumstances where a individual has the least control over her or his activities, like at home, on vacation, with intimate friends, or at an extreme situation.

People of the same element operate with similar values, so for friendship and partnership are ideal indications of the identical element. There's a idea of related components, this is Earth - Air and Water - Fire. Signs of those elements might also be acceptable for every other for partnership and friendship, but there can be lapping and some misunderstandings.

In astrology it's accepted to consider that the lunar indication of the zodiac symbolizes a human spirit and feelings. Perhaps it doesn't coincide with the solar sign, but just affects it. If to calculate the lunar indication of the zodiac then it's possible to see how it influences our character. Such characteristics of human nature like sensuality, sensuality, psychological susceptibility, intuition are dependent on what indication of the moon. It's frequently said that the moon at the zodiac signs is responsible for the inherent inclinations of a person and for those habits that we acquire in youth.

 The solar sign is the cornerstone of individuality, and the zodiac sign according to the lunar calendar is the cornerstone of human responses to external influences. Because of such close interlacing of both of these signals a multifaceted human personality is created. It should also be noticed that the moonlight is just a reflection of the sun. Thus, no matter how important was that the lunar sign, to calculate it will impact the character of man is not vital. The moon is only light, reaction, emotion, important, but not crucial.

Everybody understands that their identity is not only made up of very conscious traits. We do a good deal of activities in our lives beneath the influence of a momentary impulse, emotion, and subconscious response. This sort of behavior is laid down by nature, because understanding does not always let you shield yourself from danger at time, to react to a serious situation.